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Questions? Comments? Just want to get in touch with me? There are a variety of ways you can do that!


The best way to reach me is by e-mail. My e-mail address is my first name at math dot osu dot edu. I've added a JavaScript feature in the right-hand column which verifies that you have typed my name correctly and then uses your input to produce my e-mail address. This is designed to make my e-mail address accessible to humans, but protect it from spambots. For more details about how this works, see the E-mail display page.


A vCard contains address book or business card information in a standardized electronic format. My vCard contains my email, office number, and the URL for this website. You can download and import it into your contact manager! To reveal the file, fill in my first name below:


GPG Public Key

My public key is in a local file gpg-key.txt and on the OpenPGP key server at 0x5f0b49c... Use this with Gnu Privacy Guard to encrypt a message to me or to verify my signature on something. For example, my signature of my vCard is



This signature can only be created with my secret key, and can only be validated with my public key and the correct version of my vCard. If you're sure that you have the right public key for me, then that key and this signature ensure the vCard hasn't been tampered with either. If you want to know more, ask google for an introduction to gpg.

[qr code]

My custom QR code is shown here.

The encoded url is actually an intermediate url which redirects to a url of my choosing, so that I can update it as necessary.

Send me a secret message

Once I needed someone to send me a password, and I didn't want it sent in plain text over email. So the person called me and told me the password over the phone. BUT—if we ever need to do that again, they can use the form below to e-mail me an RSA-encrypted code which I can then decode!

This is based on the demo by Tom Wu: BigIntegers and RSA in JavaScript. My RSA public key is below. The JavaScript functions use it to encrypt messages you put in the box. Copy and paste the ciphertext into an e-mail, and I'll use the corresponding private key to decrypt your message!

JavaScript is way too slow to encrypt long messages, so if you need to send something longer use my public GPG key above.

Plaintext (string, 53 characters max.)

Ciphertext (base64)


RSA public key

Public exponent (hex): [loading..]
Modulus (hex): [loading..]

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