Math posters

Here are some large images which could be used as posters. Click the thumbnails for larger versions.

Posters related to the Hopf fibration

[hopf fibration]

One of the ending frames from my video about the Hopf fibration.

[hopf fibration 2]

Another way of slicing the 3-sphere; also from my video about the Hopf fibration.

[120-cell fibers]

Fibers showing the 12 cores for rings of dodecahedra making up the 120-cell. The view shown here is looking straight down the z-axis. I don't have a poster-size version of this one, so you'll have to use the Sage source to output a high-resolution version.

[periodic table of finite simple groups]

The periodic table of finite simple groups, by Ivan Andrus; he announced and explained it on this blog post .

[cosines fractal]

This is a very large image (256 Megapixels = .25 Gigapixels; file is 17MB). It's a fractal arising from iterating powers of the complex cosine -- different colors indicate different amounts of periodicity. It's an open question whether the coral-colored region in the middle ("period 1") is precisely a cardioid. I wrote about it on a mathoverflow question which has some partial answers, but I would really like to know more about it!


This calendar from 1988 is one from the early days of computer-generated math pictures, and shows 12 minimal surfaces. Unfortunately I don't have any higher resolution than this, and I've lost or forgotten the original source.

[calendar info]

The info pages from the 1988 calendar!

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