Curriculum Vitae

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This CV is an outline of my professional activity. You can also download a pdf version of my CV.

Curriculum Vitae       Niles Johnson

Newark Campus
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University



Assistant Professor
August 2012 – present

Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University, Newark
Postdoctoral Associate in Mathematical Ecology
May 2012 – August 2012

Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia
VIGRE Postdoctoral Associate
August 2009 – May 2012

Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia


University of Chicago, IL
2003 – 2009

Ph.D. in Mathematics, August 2009
M.S. in Mathematics, May 2005
University of Rochester, NY
1999 – 2003

B.A., M.A., majoring in Mathematics, May 2003


Cohomology with Coefficients in Picard Groupoids
In preparation.

Joint with Angélica Osorno.
K-theory for two-categories

Joint with Nick Gurski and Angélica Osorno.
Lifting homotopy T-algebra maps to strict maps

Joint with Justin Noel. Advances in Mathematics.
264 (2014), pp 593–645.
Modeling stable one-types

Joint with Angélica Osorno. Theory and Applications of Categories.
26 No. 20 (2012), pp 520–537.
Second cohomology for finite groups of Lie type

Joint with UGA VIGRE Algebra Group. Journal of Algebra.
360 (2012), pp 21–52.
First cohomology for finite groups of Lie type: simple modules with small dominant weights

Joint with UGA VIGRE Algebra Group. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.
365 No. 2 (2013), pp 1025–1050.
Azumaya Objects in Triangulated Bicategories

Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures.
9 No. 2 (2014), pp 465–493. E. pub. May 2013
For Complex Orientations Preserving Power Operations, p-typicality is Atypical

Joint with Justin Noel. Topology and its Applications.
157 (2010) pp 2271–2288.

Computer Software

Visualization of A(2)
February 2013

Joint with Robert Bruner. Interactive javascript application for visualizing multiplicative structure of Steenrod subalgebra.
Available at
Multivariate Power series Arithmetic
August 2011

Sage software peer-reviewed and included since version 4.7.1
Composition factors of Weyl modules
July 2011

Sage software for computing composition factors of certain Weyl modules.
Available at

Invited Talks 2010–present

K-theory for Two-Categories

Topology Seminar, Purdue University
February 2015
Modeling Stable Two-Types

Midwest Topology Seminar, IUPUI
April 2014
Visualizing Seven-Manifolds

Colloquium, University of Rochester
November 2012
Ecological Niche Topology

Colloquium, DePaul University
October 2012
Topology Seminar, University of Kentucky
October 2012
Picard groupoids in algebra and topology

Algebra Seminar, University of Georgia
September 2012
Modeling Stable One-Types

Topology Seminar, University of Chicago
March 2012
Topology Seminar, Northwestern University
March 2012
Topology Seminar, University of Western Ontario
April 2012
Obstruction theory for homotopical algebra maps

Topology Seminar, Ohio State University
February 2012
Colloquium, University of Michigan Dearborn
January 2012
Joint Math Meetings, AMS Special Session on Homotopy Theory, Boston, MA
January 2012
Topology Seminar, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
November 2011
Topology Seminar, University of Louisiana, Lafayette
September 2011
Homotopical Brauer Theory

Structured Ring Spectra, TNG; Hamburg, Germany
August 2011
Topology Seminar, Universität Bonn, Germany
June 2011
Low-degree cohomology for finite groups of Lie type

Colloquium, University of Louisiana, Lafayette
September 2011
Wild CATS (Combinatorics, Algebra, Topology, Statistics),
University of Kentucky
March 2011
For complex oriented cohomology theories, p-typicality is atypical

Topology Seminar, University of Kentucky
March 2011
Topology Seminar, The Ohio State University
February 2011
Topology Seminar, University of Virginia
November 2010
Topology Seminar, Indiana University
April 2010
Brave New Brauer Theory

Brauer Group Conference and Workshop, Eliat, Israel
January 2010


Hopf fibration – fibers and base
August 2011
Shows Hopf fibration via projection to 3-ball.
Visualizing Seven-Manifolds
January 2012
Gives a visualization of exotic seven-spheres and related manifolds.
Presented at the Second Abel Conference in celebration of John Milnor.

Teaching Experience

Math for Elementary Teachers
2012 – 2015

Ohio State University, Newark

Ohio State University, Newark
Homological Algebra
Spring 2012

University of Georgia (graduate course)
Multivariable Calculus
Fall 2011

University of Georgia
Geometry for Elementary School Teachers
Spring 2011

University of Georgia
Point Set Topology
Fall 2010

University of Georgia
Intermediate Calculus
2007 – 2009

University of Chicago and University of Georgia
Graduate Student Assistant Abroad
Spring 2009

Spring Quarter in Paris Mathematics Program, France
Assisted students in upper-level undergraduate coursework during nine-week intensive mathematics program.


Site Administrator, AlgTop-Conf
2010 – present

Library Committee
2013 – 2015

Ohio State University, Newark campus
Saturday Market Presentation
April 11, 2015

Faculty Representative, Buckeye Visit Day
March 27, 2015

Ohio State University, Newark campus
Mathematics for Teachers Committee
2013 – 2014

Ohio State University, all campuses
Organizer, K-8 Geometry for Teachers Workshop
August 2014

Poster Judge, Student Research Forum
March 2014

Ohio State University, Newark campus
Organizer, AMS Special Session on Homotopy Theory
January 2014

Judge, FIRST Lego League Regional Tournament
2012 – 2014

Regional tournament project judge (3 annual tournaments)
Undergraduate Math Club Talk
October 2012

Visualizing Spheres
University of Kentucky
Organizer, Algebra Seminar
2011 – 2012

University of Georgia
Athens Math Circle Presentation
April 2012

Königsberg Bridges and Euler Characteristic
University of Georgia
Judge, MAA Undergraduate Poster Session
January 2012

Joint Math Meetings, Boston, MA
Undergraduate Math Club Talk
October 2011

Visualizing the Hopf Fibration
University of Georgia
Mentor, Undergraduate research projects
Summer 2011

2 projects, University of Georgia
Organizer, VIGRE Graduate Seminar
2009 – 2011

University of Georgia
Undergraduate Math Club Talk
September 2010

Möbius, Klein, and Friends
University of Georgia
Organizer, Georgia Topology Conference
May 2010

University of Georgia
Judge, Georgia State Science Fair
April 2010

Athens, GA
Career Day at Barrow Elementary School
December 2009, 2010

Athens, GA
Mentor, Directed Reading Program
2005 – 2008

4 projects, University of Chicago
Mentor, Research Experience for Undergraduates
2004, 2005, 2007

University of Chicago

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