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I am an associate professor in algebraic topology at The Ohio State University. I am a member of the Department of Mathematics, and I teach on the Newark Campus.

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My research concerns the use of categorical algebra to model stable homotopy theory. In recent years, my research follows two related but distinct branches.

  1. Modeling stable 2-types: Continuing my collaboration with Gurski and Osorno, this branch of my research focuses on symmetric monoidal algebra in dimension 2.
  2. Multifunctorial K-theory: In a new collaboration with Yau, this branch of my research focuses on the properties of multifunctorial K-theory, also known as infinite loop space machinery.
Both branches of research are connected to general questions about spectra that are constructed from categorical inputs.

My research page gives a further summary of recent progress along these two branches. A complete list of my work is available on my CV (html), and download links for each item can be found there. My research articles are also available on the arXiv.


My teaching homepage has links to my current courses and a collection of fun topics related to current and previous course material.


MathMeetings.net is a web application for conference announcements. The application lets anyone from the community add conference announcements, storing them in a database and displaying them sorted by date and subject.

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Other things I do

Information about some of my other interests (with pictures!) is available in the Etcetera section of this site.

I have a few different open-source side projects that are sometimes useful to others:

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